Food Microbiology Unit


In frame of Reference lab of food safety (FSRL-AHRI) registration activity, the lab is officially involved in control system for different food commodities(fish, meat, milk, eggs and their byproducts), whether of domestic, export or import origins through conducting different types of chemical and biological analyses for investigating food contaminants and environment pollutants.

In order to fulfill the customer requirements and to comply with the ISO 17025, the RLFS-AHRI extended its activity to cover the field of Microbiological examinations in food of animal origin.
The Microbiological laboratory has been awarded the international Accreditation Certificate in Microbiological Analysis of Food by EGAC.

  • Since 2010, the lab is accredited in field of Food Microbiology.
  • At 2011 till now, the lab expands its scope to cover most of the microbial contaminants of food.
  • Swab analysis of food samples received from 3rd party certified bodies collected from food service establishments, restaurants and food processing plants to fulfill ISO, 22000 requirements.

  • 26 species of pathogens transmitted by food causing human health problems are being investigated.

    1. Enumeration of Coliforms
    2. Enumeration of E. coli
    3. Enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae
    4. Enumeration of Faecal Coliforms
    5. Detection of Listeria monocytogens
    6. Detection of Salmonella sp.
    7. Enumeration of Yeasts
    8. Enumeration of Molds
    9. Enumeration of TBC aerobic
    10. Detection of Shigella spp.
    11. Detection of Vibrio-parahaemolyticus
    1. Enumeration of Coliforms in water
    2. Enumeration of E. coli in water