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About The Lab

The RLFS was established by the Ministerial Decree No. 1752/1998.

and was inaugurated with honor by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture

Laboratory specialties in examining the foodstuffs of animal origin from meat, fish ,milk and their products whether they are imported, exported or local .Using approved reference methods to determine their validity and fitness for human consumption and make sure that they are free from animal pathogens and common diseases and their toxins, harmful residues from veterinary dru...

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1- Expanding the scope of microbiological analysis.

2- Expanding the scope of analysis of food chemistry analysis for detection of freshness and deterioration.

3- Expanding analysis of harmful residues (other synthetic hormones and growth promoters).

4- Expanding Scope for other veterinary drug and antibiotics with smart application using LC MS/MS.

Our Mission & Vission


• RLFS is committed in providing high quality, and accurate food and animal edible byproducts testing services in Partnership with other regulatory bodies in Egypt to safeguard consumer health.
• Adding value to our services by offering a high level of technical expertise and experience to our customers, clients, exporters and importers.
• Follow up the updated official methods in analysis of food of animal origin with insuring their requirements.
• Upgrading the computer networking to face the technology progress in the field of communication.
• Communicate with Food Processing plants, Food Service Establishments as a consultant to improve the Food safety issues of such plants