Objectives Activities

1- Contribute to the continuous scientific development of inspection and diagnostic protocols related to the safety and validity of food of animal origin in line with the scientific development in the international export and import standards and the free market mechanism in accordance with the recommendations of the international bodies which require the standardization of inspection protocols in food safety control laboratories in all countries for analysis in this region
2- Issuing certificates of approval for food in Arabic and English to deal with locally and internationally
3- Participation of doctors working in sampling with the periodic inspection committees on food in the local markets, storage places and judicial controls
4- Performance of analytical and technical services for projects and factories producing food from inspection and control procedures and tests of quality, validity and storage
5- Participate with the competent local authorities in this field to develop the standard specifications and keep them up to date according to the changes in the inspection procedures and quality specifications whether exported or imported or produced for local consumption.
6- Participation in international meetings related to quality and safety of food organized by specialized international and local bodies such as Codex Committees for Food and Agriculture, World Health, Council of the European Union, Mediterranean Countries and others.
7- The lab. is an information center for the exchange of information in the field of food control and services using the information network and two field centers.
8- The lab.organizes training courses, symposiums and scientific conferences in the field of food testing technology of animal origin to raise the level of performance both local trainee and trainee coming from Arab, African and Asian countries.
9- Lab doctors are involved in sampling samples with periodic inspection committees on food in local markets, in storage places and judicial seizures